Mission and Vision

The Sino-American Culture and Arts Foundation, Inc. (SACAF) , a subsidiary organization of Sino-American Friendship Association, is an independent,501(c)(3)not-for-profit organization foundation to support cultural diversity and awareness in the United States. SACAF’s mission is to work and establish a bridge to increase friendship between the two cultures and promote cultural activities and educational workshops with Chinese and American communities especially low income communities. Our programs and events will foster, promote and advance greater knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture. SACAF has an impressive track record of bringing U.S and Chinese cultural interests together for large scale events.

SACAF has pioneered the promotion of cultural, and arts cooperation between the United States and China including hosting Chinese cultural delegations committed to supporting cultural diversity and promoting collaborative activities to increase Chinese cultural awareness in the U.S. All of our efforts translate into increased understanding and friendship between the two peoples and accelerated momentum toward the diplomatic relations of the two countries.

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